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It’s time to go on an adventure. Welcome back listeners to the Back Lot 605 Podcast! This week we end our Kurt Russell month as we discuss one of his collaborations with director John Carpenter, Big Trouble in Little China! We are joined by fellow South Dakota podcaster Robert Mehling for this episode! Robert is the host of The Sioux Empire Podcast.

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Big Trouble in Little China is one of many collaborations between Kurt Russell and John Carpenter. Originally released in 1986 the film was a box office bomb. Since then has developed a cult status with now a 78% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Big Trouble in Little China follows truck driver Jack Burton (Russell) as he assists his friend in saving his fiance from the evil Lords of Death.

The Box Office

The box office results stayed freaky with Freaky opening again at number one with $1.2 million. The War With Grandpa moves up to number two with $733 thousand. Let Him Go drops further to number three with $710 thousand. At number four is Come Play with only $550 thousand this weekend. Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause comes back to theaters just in time for the holiday for fifth place at $461 thousand.

The News

Warner Bros. makes a bold move with their upcoming release of Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman 1984. The studio has decided that they will not hold off on releasing the film until next year. Warner has decided that they will dual-release the film in select theaters and HBO Max on Christmas day.

We have an update on the next installment of the Scream franchise. It has finally been given its official title. When the film releases in 2022 it will officially be called Scream! That is correct. The fifth installment in this franchise will have the same name as the original. Is this a jab at Halloween 2018, we shall see.

Robert Rodriguez’s name came up last week courtesy of Grindhouse with Quentin Tarantino. This week he is back again. He has announced he is releasing the film We Can Be Heroes on Netflix on January 1st. This will be his first film for the streaming service. This will be his latest from his own Trouble Maker Studios. The film stars Priyanka Chopra, Christian Slater, Pedro Pascal, Sung Kang, Boyd Holbrook, Taylor Dooley.

Judd Apatow has also decided to jump onto that Netflix train. He has signed on with the streaming service to direct, produce, and co-write his version of a pandemic film. So, of course, it will be a comedy. Nothing has been announced for cast or release date at this time.

In film franchise news, we have a couple of updates. Steven Caple Jr (Creed 2) will be set to direct the next installment of the Transformers franchise. No news yet as to how this film will be tied to the previous installments. Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) brings his skills the next Predator film.

The Shameless Plugs

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