Coming Soon: January 14th, 2022

Welcome to this week’s edition of Back Lot 605’s Coming Soon column! The 2022 movie is starting to ramp up in full force this weekend, with the latest installment in a classic horror franchise leading the way! Here’s what coming soon for the week of January 14th, 2022:

Featured Title: Scream

Ghostface is back! Yes, the fifth installment of the perennial horror franchise is here at last… although, in true Halloween 2018 fashion, this is just titled Scream instead of Scream 5, because we’re afraid of numbers these days, apparently! 🙂 This time, the directors of Ready or Not, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, are taking over from the late Wes Craven… and Kevin Williamson is not returning as screenwriter, either, instead handing duties to James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) and Ready or Not co-writer Guy Busick. However, the franchise’s core trio of stars – Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette – are all back in action, to take on the latest masked killer 25 years after the original Woodsboro murders! Of course, in true Scream fashion, additional plot details are shrouded in secrecy… so let’s hope for the best! (Opens Friday, January 14th in theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 & XD, the Century East at Dawley Farm, and the West Mall 7 in Sioux Falls, with previews beginning at 7PM on Thursday, January 13th.)

Opening in Theaters


In the wake of last spring’s smash success of Demon Slayer: The Movie, it appears that we’ll be getting more full-blown nationwide releases of anime movies, with full days of showtimes instead of just one 7PM screening per day. Kicking the 2022 anime slate off is this new film from director Mamoru Hosada (Mirai) and his Studio Chizu… which is a social-media riff about a shy schoolgirl named Suzy, who moonlights in the virtual online world as a massively popular singer named Belle. As is typical for new theatrical anime releases, this will be shown in both subtitled and dubbed versions… and the English dub (which you can sample in the trailer below) features the voices of Chace Crawford, Manny Jacinto (Jason on The Good Place), and Hunter Schaefer (aka Jules from Euphoria). (Opens Friday, January 14th in theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 & XD in Sioux Falls, with previews beginning at 7PM on Thursday, January 13th.)

Betty White: A Celebration

This Monday, January 17th was supposed to be the 100th birthday of the late Betty White, who sadly passed on New Year’s Eve before reaching that milestone. Prior to White’s death, an in-theaters 100th birthday celebration was in the works… and following her death, this has been reconfigured into a cinematic celebration of life, covering her decades of work in the television and film industries! It features an interview with Betty White that was conducted for this event, plus remembrances from such collaborators as Ryan Reynolds, Carol Burnett, Valerie Bertinelli, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and more. (Showing one day only, Monday, January 17th in theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 & XD and the Century East at Dawley Farm in Sioux Falls.)

New to Streaming and VOD

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Another sequel finally coming out this weekend is the fourth installment in Sony’s animated monster franchise… and supposedly the final one! And like Scream, several key players are not returning… including director Genndy Tartakovsky (who still co-wrote and executive-produces this fourquel) written and exec-produced by him) and most notably, Adam Sandler, who’s not returning as the voice of Dracula. (Replacing him is YouTube voice impressionist Brian Hull.) The premise for this does sound fun: Van Helsing’s (Jim Gaffigan) new ray invention turns Drac’s son-in-law Johnny (Andy Samberg) into a monster, and also turns Dracula and his friends back into their original human selves… which might be the scariest sight so far in this franchise! 🙂 Other returning voice cast members include Selena Gomez, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, Keegan-Michael Key, Molly Shannon, and Fran Drescher… although Kevin James has also followed Sandler out the door and will not be reprising his role of Frankenstein. One last note: Sony originally had this movie set for a late 2021 theatrical release… but in mid-August during the Delta variant surge, Sony sold this to Amazon for over $100 million! (Hence, why this movie didn’t make its typical pre-Halloween release window.) (Premieres Friday, January 14th on Amazon Prime Video.)


As per usual, if there’s a TV series premiere that directly ties into a feature film, I tend to cover it here… and this week’s big TV show debut is no exception: This 8-episode spinoff series to last summer’s The Suicide Squad, following John Cena’s character as he embarks on his own hilarious solo adventures! Team members Steve Agee & Jennifer Holland are returning for this series… along with new addition Robert Patrick, who co-stars as Peacemaker’s dad! Also returning for this series is the mastermind behind The Suicide Squad, James Gunn, who wrote every episode of this series early on in the pandemic… and directed most of them, too! (Premieres Thursday, January 13th on HBO Max with the first 3 episodes, with a new episode every Thursday through February 17th.)

The House

Netflix is countering Hotel Transylvania 4 this weekend with an animated movie of a much different sort: This dark-n-creepy stop-motion anthology from a variety of animators, following three stories set decades apart in the same house – a human father who accepts a strings-attached offer to live in the newly-build house; a mouse house-flipper who has to contend with a beetle infestation; and a futuristic tale involving a new set of feline tenants. The voice cast includes Matthew Goode, Jarvis Cocker, Helena Bonham Carter, Will Sharpe, and Paul Kaye. (Premieres Friday, January 14th on Netflix.)


This week’s other Netflix original movie stars Alyssa Milano as a mystery writer who returns to her D.C. family home, where she tries to solve the case of her sister’s murder. In the process, she discovers that her sis was actually a webcam performer… pulling her into a dark underworld as a result! (Premieres Thursday, January 13th on Netflix.)

The Runner

Following last week’s one-two punch, the Shudder premieres keep on chugging this week, with this project from the band Boy Harsher about a strange woman who travels to a rural town, where violence is unleashed. Boy Harsher also contributes the original soundtrack to this movie, as well as appearing in a framing device performing on a public access TV station. (Premieres Sunday, January 16th on Shudder.)

Showing at the State!

The Tragedy of Macbeth

This week, the State continues what’s shaping up to be an impressive early-2022 series of new releases, with this visually striking black-and-white Shakespeare adaptation, with Denzel Washington as Macbeth and Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth. But what’s most intriguing about this movie is that, after nearly 40 years of working with his brother Ethan, Joel Coen is proceeding with his first solo feature film, while Ethan focuses more on his stage work. Also starring Brendan Gleeson, Corey Hawkins, and (as all three witches) Kathryn Hunter. Of note: While this is playing at the State this weekend, it also begins its streaming run on Apple TV+ this Friday, as part of the deal for this Apple/A24 co-production. (Showing Friday, January 14th, Saturday, January 15th, and Sunday, January 16th at the Sioux Falls State Theatre, and also streaming on Apple TV+ starting Friday, January 14th.)

Bye Bye Birdie

On the lighter side of things, the State is bringing in another classic 1960s musical: This 1960s romp starring Ann-Margaret in her breakout role as the biggest fan of rock-n-roll singer Conrad Birdie, who comes to her Ohio hometown to perform a farewell concert before being drafted into Army service. Also starring Janet Leigh, Maureen Stapleton, Paul Lynde, Ed Sullivan… and in his feature film debut, Dick Van Dyke! Directed by George Sidney, who would reunite with Ann-Margaret the next year for Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas. (Showing Wednesday, January 12th, Saturday, January 15th, and Sunday, January 16th at the Sioux Falls State Theatre.)

National Treasure

Finally this weekend, we’ve got a crowdpleaser from Nicolas Cage’s blockbuster heyday: This Jerry Bruckheimer 2004 production starring Cage as treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates, who tries to find a treasure of the Knights Templar! And in order to discover the clues that will lead him to that treasure… say it with me: He’s gonna steal the Declaration of Independence! Also starring Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Jon Voight, Sean Bean, Harvey Keitel, and Christopher Plummer; directed by Jon Turtletaub, in his second film to show at the State thus far, following last February’s presentation of another classic Disney flick of his, Cool Runnings! (Showing Saturday, January 15th and Sunday, January 16th at the Sioux Falls State Theatre.)

New This Week to Blu-ray and 4K UHD

  • Dune (2021)
  • Halloween Kills (2021)
  • Spencer (2021)
  • Mass (2021)

Older Movies New to Streaming


  • Phantom Thread (2017) (premieres Sunday, January 16th)
  • After We Fell (2021) (premieres Monday, January 17th)


  • My Best Friend’s Girl (2008) (premieres Thursday, January 13th)
  • Bergman Island (2021) (premieres Friday, January 14th)
  • Sex Appeal (2022) (premieres Friday, January 14th)
  • Marjorie Prime (2017) (premieres Saturday, January 15th)
  • Georgetown (2021) (premieres Monday, January 17th)

Amazon Prime:

  • No additional movies on Amazon Prime this week. Sorry!


  • No additional movies on Shudder this week. Sorry!


  • Eternals (2021) (premieres Wednesday, January 12th)
  • Catch That Kid (2004) (premieres Friday, January 14th)

HBO Max:

  • Injustice (2021) (premieres Monday, January 17th)


  • Twilight (2008) (premieres Sunday, January 16th)
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) (premieres Sunday, January 16th)
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) (premieres Sunday, January 16th)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (2011) (premieres Sunday, January 16th)
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (2012) (premieres Sunday, January 16th)


  • No additional movies on Paramount+ this week. Sorry!

The Criterion Channel:

  • Friday, January 14th: Double Feature: Hot Dam!: Wild River (1960), Still Life (2006)
  • Saturday, January 15th: Saturday Matinee: Harvey (1950)
  • Monday, January 17th: True Stories: What We Left Unfinished (2019)
  • Tuesday, January 18th: Short-Film Programs: After Migration: Calabria (2020)
  • Wednesday, January 19th: Women Filmmakers: What About Me (1993)

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