Coming Soon: October 23rd, 2020

Welcome to this week’s edition of Back Lot 605’s Coming Soon column! We’ve got some huge streaming premieres to talk about this week, plus more Halloween-timed horror movie debuts and spooky theatrical re-releases! Here’s what’s coming soon for the week of October 23rd, 2020:

Featured Movie: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

First, let’s go back to the brighter days of November 2006. Daniel Craig was just beginning his tenure as James Bond! George Miller made a massive hit movie about dancing CGI penguins! And with the release of the first Borat movie, Sacha Baron Cohen’s lovable Kazakhastani TV host Borat Sagdiyev became a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, thanks to his outrageous behavior and his arsenal of catchphrases! (“My wife!” “Very nice!” “High five!” And so forth!) But Cohen’s attempts to recreate the success of Borat have been met with decreasing audience interest: Bruno in 2009; The Dictator in 2012, and (heaven help us) The Brothers Grimsby in 2016. But, on the eve of the 2020 presidential election, Cohen has decided to resurrect his most famous creation, to examine where we currently are at as a society. Is nice!

Hence, we have Borat 2, which was filmed in secret this summer, and which was recently auctioned off to streaming services, with the edict that this movie would indeed premiere before Election Day. This time, Borat – who has apparently been in deep trouble by the Kazakhstan government, due to how the country was portrayed in the first movie – has to return to America to give away his daughter (Maria Bakalova) as a bride to the Republican Party. What happens beyond that, I shouldn’t say… but some key political figures make unwitting appearances in Borat’s new set of pranks. And in case you’re wondering how a sequel could be made without real-life people recognizing Borat… well, the movie has some clever solutions for that. 🙂 (Premieres Friday, October 23rd on Amazon Prime Video.)

Opening in Theaters

The Empty Man

For the first time since The New Mutants on August 28th, Disney/Fox is actually going to release a new movie into theaters this weekend! Granted, this is a bit of a burnoff, as this movie has been shuffled around the release schedule… to the extent that Disney didn’t even bother to release a trailer until last Friday morning! Based on the graphic novels, this horror movie is about a retired cop who investigates the disappearances of several Midwestern teens, attributed to an urban legend known as the Empty Man.

The movie stars James Badge Dale and Stephen Root. But for DVD nerds, I should note that this is the feature film writing/directing debut of David Prior, who produced the extras for many major DVD and Blu-ray special editions back in the day, most famously the 2-disc Fight Club DVD – as well as Die Hard, Big Trouble in Little China, The Fly, and most of David Fincher’s other movies. (Opens Friday, October 23rd in theaters nationwide.)

After We Collided

In April of 2019, the movie After was released, based on the novel by Anna Todd, who birthed this franchise by writing very thinly veiled Harry Styles fan fiction on Wattpad… and managed to turn this into a popular book series. (I am not making that up.) The movie was modestly successful, allowing a second installment to be immediately green-lit. As the movie opens, Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin, nephew of Ralph Fiennes) are still together… but a new suitor (Dylan Sprouse… yes, of Zack & Cody fame) enters the picture and creates a heated love triangle.

This movie is intended to be a steamier endeavor than its predecessor; for starters, whereas After has a PG-13 rating, After We Collided is rated R. But also, Collided has recruited a director who’s better tuned into young passion: Roger Kumble, who’s best known for 1999’s Cruel Intentions. Oh, and because audiences eat this stuff up… TWO more sequels to this movie have already been greenlit?!? (Premieres Friday, October 23rd on VOD services and select theaters nationwide, including the West Mall 7 in Sioux Falls.)

New to Streaming and VOD

The Witches

Look, I’m gonna be upfront with y’all here: I’m a big Robert Zemeckis fan. The man has directed a bunch of bona fide classics: Back to the Future; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Forrest Gump… and I’m a fan of many other films in his oeuvre, from the cult comedy classic Used Cars to the contemplative sci-fi of Contact. That track record also means that I’ll gladly see any movie of his on opening weekend, no matter how dire it may appear. Sometimes that means I’ll get a solid movie like Flight or The Walk. Or, it can also mean that I’ll have to experience something horrifying, like, say… 2018’s Welcome to Marwen. (Seriously, watch that movie; it’s a Cats-like trainwreck.)

But still, that will not stop me from checking out this week’s new Zemeckis flick: the second film version of Roald Dahl’s novel, previously brought to the screen in 1990 by Nicolas Roeg. Written by the unlikely trio of Zemeckis, Guillermo del Toro, and black-ish‘s Kenya Barris, this version moves the action to 1967 Alabama, with Anne Hathaway taking over for Anjelica Huston as the leader of a group of witches who plan on turning children into mice. (And since it’s Zemeckis, you can bet that his CGI is all over those witches and those mice!) The movie also stars Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Kristin Chenoweth, and (as the narrator) Chris Rock. (Premieres Thursday, October 22nd on HBO Max.)

On the Rocks

This week, Apple’s new partnership with A24 brings us the highly anticipated Lost in Translation reunion of writer/director Sofia Coppola with star Bill Murray… which Apple is hoping can steer some Oscar attention towards Apple TV+. Rashida Jones stars as a loving wife and mother whose dad (Murray) suggests that her husband (Marlon Wayans) might be cheating on her. And so, daddy and daughter start tailing Wayans through New York City to see if he’s right. (Premieres Friday, October 23rd on Apple TV+.)

Tremors: Shrieker Island

Yes, folks, we have now reached the SEVENTH Tremors movie… with Michael Gross back once again as Burt Gummer. This time, he heads to a rich playboy’s island, where Graboids have been illegally taken to be used for trophy hunting! Taking over the sidekick role from Jamie Kennedy this time around is Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder!!! Plus, this received the Back Lot 605 seal of approval earlier this week… so what do you have to lose? 🙂 (Premieres Tuesday, October 20th on Netflix, VOD services and Blu-ray.)


On the Netflix prestige front, we have a new adaptation of the novel that was most famously brought to the screen by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. It follows a young newlywed (Lily James) who finds herself overshadowed by the legacy of her new husband’s (Armie Hammer) deceased first wife. Also starring Kristin Scott Thomas, this is directed by Ben Wheatley (High Rise, Free Fire, Kill List). (Premieres Wednesday, October 21st on Netflix.)

Bad Hair

Remember that Halloween episode of The Simpsons where Homer gets an evil toupee? Well, get ready for an evil weave, as Hulu brings us writer/director Justin Simien’s feature film follow-up to his 2014 breakout hit Dear White People. This horror/comedy, set in 1989, follows a black woman who gets a weave in order to appear more professional… only for said weave to turn on her. The cast includes Elle Lorraine, Jay Pharaoh, Kelly Rowland, Laverne Cox, Usher, and… James Van Der Beek!?!?! (Premieres Friday, October 23rd on Hulu.)

Over the Moon

Next, we have the feature directorial debut of legendary Disney animator Glen Keane… who served as the lead animator for such major Disney characters as Ariel, the Beast, and Aladdin… and who recently won an Oscar with Kobe Bryant for the animated short Dear Basketball. In this movie (co-produced with DreamWorks’ former Chinese offshoot Pearl Studios), a girl builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a moon goddess. Voices include Ken Jeong, John Cho, Margaret Cho, and Sandra Oh. (Premieres Friday, October 23rd on Netflix.)

32 Malasaña Street

Finally, we have this week’s Shudder premiere: a Spanish horror flick in which a family has just moved to Madrid in 1976. However, they quickly discover that their apartment is haunted! Oh noes! Directed by Albert Pintó (Killing God). (Premieres Thursday, October 22nd on Shudder.)

Returning to Theaters

Monsters, Inc.

The 2001 Pixar classic starring Billy Crystal and John Goodman is returning to theaters, in the fourth and final week in Disney’s series of Halloween re-releases! With the recent news of Pixar’s Soul moving to Disney+, here’s your last chance to get your big-screen Pixar fix in 2020! (Opens Friday, October 23rd in theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 & XD, the Century East and the West Mall 7 in Sioux Falls.)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The 1984 Wes Craven horror classic is also returning to Cinemark theaters as part of their Fright Nights series. Robert Englund makes his first appearance as Freddy Kreuger, with Heather Langenkamp and a young Johnny Depp also in the cast! Hmm, I wonder where this placed on Back Lot 605’s Top 20 1980s Horror Countdown… 🙂 (Spoilers: It was shockingly omitted!) (Opens Friday, October 23rd in Cinemark theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 and the Century East in Sioux Falls.)

The Addams Family (2019)

Another nationwide animated re-release is en route this week, for last year’s middling animated version of the legendard creepy, kooky family. I know, I wish that the 1990s movies were coming back to theaters this month, but alas, no. This will most likely be preceded by the new teaser trailer for The Addams Family 2, which dropped online earlier this month… and which will be hopefully be coming to theaters in October of 2021. (Opens Friday, October 23rd in theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 and the Century East in Sioux Falls.)

Ghost: 30th Anniversary

Finally, we have a TCM/Fathom Events 30th anniversary presentation of the blockbuster 1990 romantic classic starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and (in her Oscar-winning role) Whoopi Goldberg! As a comedy fan, I always like to point out that this was directed by David Zucker, who made a lucrative turn into serious filmmaking with Ghost after co-directing such comedy classics as Airplane!, Top Secret!, and Ruthless People. (Playing Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th in select theaters nationwide, including the Century Stadium 14 and the Century East in Sioux Falls.)

New This Week to Blu-ray and 4K

  • Tremors: Shrieker Island (2020)
  • Cut Throat City (2020)
  • Alone (2020)
  • Scare Package (2020)
  • The Owners (2020)
  • Spree (2020)
  • Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy 35th Anniversary (1985, 1989, 1990) (new to 4K Blu-ray!)
  • The Haunting (1999) (finally on Blu-ray!)
  • Adaptation. (2002) (Shout Select Blu-ray)

Older Movies New to Streaming


  • The Hummingbird Project (2018) (premieres Thursday, October 22nd)
  • Yes, God, Yes (2020) (premieres Thursday, October 22nd)
  • Metallica Through the Never (2013) (premieres Wednesday, October 28th)


  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) (premieres Monday, October 26th)

Amazon Prime:

  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) (premieres Monday, October 26th)
  • Battle Los Angeles (2011) (premieres Tuesday, October 27th)


  • No additional Shudder movies this week. Sorry!


  • No additional Disney+ movies this week. Sorry!

HBO Max:

  • Emma. (2020) (premieres Saturday, October 24th)

The Criterion Channel:

  • Thursday, October 22nd: Directed by João Pedro Rodrigues – O Fantasma (2000), Two Drifters (2005), To Die Like a Man (2009), The Ornithologist (2016), Where Are You, João Pedro Rodrigues? (2016)
  • Friday, October 23rd: Double Feature: Woman on the Edge – Christine (2016), Kate Plays Christine (2016)
  • Saturday, October 24th: Saturday Matinee – Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998)
  • Sunday, October 25th: New Korean Cinema – The Quiet Family (1998), Nowhere to Hide (1999), Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000), The Foul King (2000), Joint Security Area (2000), Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), Crying Fist (2005), Lady Vengeance (2005), The Host (2006), Mother (2009)
  • Monday, October 26th: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)
  • Tuesday, October 27th: Short + Feature: Booze and Blood – It’s Not Just You, Murray! (1964), The Public Enemy (1931)
  • Tuesday, October 27th: Observations on Film Art #39: The Voice in Ousmane Sembène’s Black Girl (1966)
  • Wednesday, October 28th: Directed by Catherine Breillat – Romance (1999), Fat Girl (2001), Bluebears (2009), Sleeping Beauty (2010), Abuse of Weakness (2013)

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