Creepshow Episode 2 – Review

Shudder’s Creepshow is in full swing with new episodes released exclusively to Shudder every Thursday night! Creepshow episode 2 debuted on Shudder October 3rd and consists of the segments “Bad Wolf Down” and “The Finger“. After ranting and raving about episode 1, does the 2nd episode continue the strides of the first?

Bad Wolf Down

Written/Directed by: Rob Schrab

Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Kid Cudi

Set to the backdrop of World War II, a group of American soldiers are sent into retreat against the opposing Third Reich. The platoon takes refuge in a seemingly abandoned cabin. They soon discover they are not alone when one of the soldiers discovers a mutilated body. A body that looks to have been attacked by neither man nor beast. Something that only could have been done by the supernatural.

Bad Wolf Down pays a lot of homage to the original Creepshow film from Stephen King and George A. Romero. It uses the comic book format to it’s fullest extent as it transitions from scene to scene. Also, the comic format allows for the production to mask the inevitable werewolf transformation scenes.

Furthermore, this segment pays homage to the stylized use of the vibrant red and blue colors of the original Creepshow. This, along with where it was placed, made the episode stand out and become instantly memorable. Now lets get to my favorite aspect. WEREWOLVES!

Werewolves are my favorite fictional creature of all time. The transformation, the savage violence, and the entire mythology of the werewolf will always bring me childlike glee. Like I said earlier the transformation scenes are used in the comic book format. This can ultimately be scene as a crutch to fall on, but also a style choice. Either way it works, and brings us a transformation that we have never seen before.

The Finger

Directed by: Greg Nicotero

Written by: David J. Schow

Starring: DJ Qualls

In the 2nd segment for Creepshow episode 2, DJ Qualls stars as an alcoholic, manically depressed shut in. He spends most of his days aimlessly wandering looking for others trash that he can turn to treasure. One night he finds a severed finger that looks like it belongs to something out of this world. The finger begins to grow and eventually turns into a terrifying creature that he names Bob. Bob listens to everything he has to say, including protecting him against those that upset him.

Qualls is the standout in this episode. He is mostly acting against nothing or the creature. He delivers in this performance, and even goes full Ferris Bueller by breaking the fourth wall. These worked for the most part, but for a 20 minute episode it relied too heavily on that format.

The creature effects are done practically, which is always a plus. But, the effects seem very kid friendly. This episode falls into dark comedy territory, and some of the comedic moments felt a little cutesy. This makes sense looking at who directed the segment, Rob Schrab. Schrab was also the writer of Monster House, which is a kid friendly horror film with dark undertones. Oddly enough, if your a fan of that film, you will enjoy the segment The Finger.

Creepshow Episode 2 is available now on Shudder.


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