Escape Room: HIMYM Edition

Welcome to Episode 10 of Back Lot 605. This week as always we talk about the Box Office for last weekend. There was a bit of a surprise with ‘Escape Room.’ It was able to break the top 5. No small feat considering the films it was up against. We talk about that later.

Disney drops an update on us for the up and coming live-action Dumbo. We did not get a new trailer or see new footage. What we did get, were some new movie posters. For being a Tim Burton film, these are some pretty bright posters.

Aquaman continues to reign over the January box office taking in First place. This puts the latest DCEU film as the highest grossing one yet. Hopefully, this gives insight to Warner Bros. and how to continue to proceed with the DC Extended Universe. Danny DeVito and Awkwafina have both joining the cast of Jumanji 3. They join the already star-studded cast of Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, & Karen Gillan. Tony Hawk went on record to say that he was tapped by Warner Bros. a few years ago to make a follow up to Space Jam. This new entrance into the Looney Tunes Universe was going to be the start of a shared universe. Tony’s film was to be aptly titled Skate Jam. When Back in Action failed to please movie goers, the plan was scrapped. I for one would have loved to see this come to fruition.

We delve into the movie of the week. Escape Room. What did we think. What could have been done. This movie was ripe for the beginnings of a new modern day horror villain franchise and missed the mark.

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