Top 10 Action Heroes

This week the boys return for a stacked show! We go over the box office. This week welcome us with an unsuspecting turn of events. Aquaman gets dethroned by the Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston drama/comedy, The Upside. It was a given that The Upside would break the top five but not get the number one spot.

We introduce a new schmuck in the basement. Welcome Chris to the show. He is one of our newest contributors to the website and will routinely show up to give us his insights on movies coming up.

This weeks news tells gives us Disney is granting a terminally ill cancer patient early screening of Avengers: Endgame. Craig Brewer is set to direct a new Coming to America sequel starring Eddie Murphy. New Line will be rebooting their horror franchise Final Destination. IMDB launches a new movie streaming service. You will get to stream your movies for free with ads, much like YouTube and Sony’s Crackle. Finally, Masters of the Universe starts to move forward with writers Adam and Aaron Nee.

The guys discuss their top picks for their action film heroes. Who comes out on top and who does not make the list. Who is your favorite action character?

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Glass January 18th

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Indievents: Burning January 23rd
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