Wrestlers Who Need Their Own Movies

In honor of the release of WWE’s Fighting With My Family, the Schmuck Club returns this week to discuss wrestlers who need a movie based on their life. Joining Casey and Brian is Pro Wrestling Commentator Charlie Eccles (@WrestlingVoice1).

They open up the podcast with this weeks latest update to the box office. Brian predictions from last week come true with Alita: Battle Angel taking the number one spot. Casey’s pick of Happy Death Day 2 U under-performed with a measly $9 million opening.

The Schmucks discuss the ever-updating news of the Academy Awards. In the week since the last podcast, the Academy announced they were cutting certain categories to the commercial breaks. There has been enough backlash from the industry to retract this change in ceremonies.

Frozen 2 and Ma Trailer’s

Disney drops a trailer for the up and coming Frozen 2. We discuss what we think and what the heck it is trying to say. Another trailer dropping this week was for Ma. A new thriller starring Octavia Spencer in a very Kathy Bates in Misery type of role.

Breaking Bad Movie and Episode 9 Wraps

AMC announces that they are moving forward with the Breaking Bad film starring Aaron Paul. They are teaming up with Netflix to release the film after the initial run on cable.

We discuss the next DC animated film. Batman will be going up against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Will this new Batman film go soft due to the current vision of the Turtles or will it resemble more of the source comic?

Our main topic drives us to those wrestlers that need movies based on their lives. To help give us some great insight is resident Pro Wrestling Commentator Charlie Eccles. You can follow him on Twitter at @WrestlingVoice1.

Coming Soon:

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Fighting With My Family

Cinema Falls

Woman at War – March 10th

6:30 PM at the West Mall 7

  • Halla, a woman in her forties, declares war on the local aluminum industry to prevent it from disfiguring her country. She risks all she has to protect the highlands of Iceland-but the situation could change with the unexpected arrival of a small orphan in her life.


Lords of Chaos – February 24th

8 PM at Full Circle Book Coop

  • A teenager’s quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s results in a very violent outcome.

Other Local Events:

Fathom Events Presents My Fair Lady – February 20th

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