Ever Fallen Cast and Crew Interview

Ever Fallen is a punk rock Romeo and Juliet written, produced, and directed by M.G. White. Julie Page (Shelby Hagerdon) seems to have everything going for her. After an altercation with bullies at school and a fight with her mother, Julie snaps and reinvents herself. Unexpectedly, Julie meets two local musicians Remy Sinclair (Nathan Taubert) and his best friend Joey. Soon Remy and Julie fall in love and their two worlds collide impacting everyone they care about.”

“This is a story for anyone who has ever fallen in love and questioned who they want to become. Ever Fallen is the kind of coming of age story that speaks to every generation. The film will be a full hour and fifty-minute feature and will compete in various festivals with the goal of distribution. All the production will take place in Sioux City using local locations and businesses assets.”

Synopsis Courtesy of indiegogo.com/projects/ever-fallen

Ever Fallen Cast and Crew Interview

After the success of White’s short The Ghost in Her, the Wayne State College Media Professor has decided to venture into a new passion project. A feature-length film. Using many of the same cast and crew from Bitter Hipster Films, White’s project Ever Fallen is nearing the end of principle production. MG White, along with Associate Producer Marc Fustos, lead actress Shelby Hagerdon, and lead actor Nathan Taubert paid a visit to the Back Lot 605 Podcast on a recent trip to Crosstown Vinyl in Sioux Falls, SD.

White plans for the final product to finish by the end of the year. If you are interested in getting involved with Ever Fallen or any upcoming projects from Bitter Hipster Films, visit their Facebook page. Furthermore, White’s next project Eight Days with Karen is currently looking for cast and crew on the project.

Finally, Back Lot 605 will continue to provide updates on Ever Fallen including production, screenings, and more! Visit backlot605.com to stay up to date on the latest film news, reviews, and articles dropping every day!


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