Frozen 2 – Review

It’s been 6 years since the immense hit that was Frozen hit theaters. Six long years of parents wondering if arguably the biggest Disney song of all time, ‘Let It Go’, will ever actually go away. In that time frame we’ve had some films try to come in for the save. Coco had the heart wrenching song ‘Remember Me’ which couldn’t quite do the trick. Moana tried it’s best with its hit song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ but still couldn’t quite get there. Have no worries though everyone! Frozen 2 has finally arrived to try and one up it’s popular predecessor it more ways than just music.

“I’m coming with you.”

Frozen 2 is a sequel 6 years in the making that kids everywhere have been clamoring for. Bringing back the entirety of its original cast, Frozen 2 takes a darker and more mature turn compared to the first film. The film starts out showing Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, and her sister Anna finally together and happy. Arendelle is thriving, Olaf isn’t melting into a puddle, and the dynamic duo and Kristoff and Sven are still together. However this peace can’t stay for long as Elsa begins to hear a haunting voice singing out to her. Who is this voice and what does it want?

This film does an amazing job of taking what made the first movie successful and capitalizing on it. The biggest improvement over the first Frozen has to be the visuals. There is more magic and mystery in this film which leads to some genuinely breathtaking moments. Something as simple as just the water in the ocean looks almost photorealistic.

“I don’t even know a Samantha!”

Another facet of the film that they do wonderfully is dive into the character relationships and themes. Frozen 2 is very similar to the Toy Story franchise in the way that it seems to be growing up with the children who have been watching it since the original. The film is darker and more mature than the original and that’s a good thing. Frozen 2 dives into true love, feminism, betrayal, and sacrifice. It does a great job of avoiding the obvious tropes that we’ve come to know over our lifetime of Disney films.

The side characters are also an aspect that has seen improvement since the first film. In the original Frozen, Olaf came across as just the comedic relief that served little purpose but they have improved him immensely in this film. Kristoff also how shown a lot of growth as a character. He is a genuinely caring man who believes in true love and shows his affection for Anna in every way possible. There was a point in the film where 90% of films would have turned the moment into a fight between boyfriend and girlfriend but he trusts Anna without asking any questions. It was a small moment but one of the better parts of the film.

“You’ll always have me.”

This isn’t to say that Frozen 2 is a perfect movie. As mentioned before, it has to live up to the monster that is ‘Let It Go’ and it doesn’t quite get there. Not only do you have to live up to that song but there are some underrated and overshadowed songs from the original that are better overall than the songs in this film. Songs like ‘For The First Time In Forever’ and ‘In Summer’ are better and more fun than their Frozen 2 counterparts. There is however an 80’s power ballad sung by Kristoff with a full on 80’s style music video that makes the price of admission worth it alone.

Another decision that somewhat hinders the it is that there is really no clear antagonist. Elsa and the gang are on an adventure with a clear goal but without anyone going out of their way to try and stop them. It brings more weight to the characters and lets the movie focus more on their relationships but it’s odd not having someone to root against like in most films.

Frozen 2 did exactly what I wanted it to do going into it. Yes it’s a by the numbers Disney movie that is horribly predictable but it has some genuine greatness to it. I love it leaned more into the fantasy element and decided to roll with some darker tones. I also love that fact that they dove deeper into the lore of the world and explained more of Elsa’s backstory and where her powers came from. It’s not a perfect film but if you enjoyed the first film or just want to have a fun time at the theater, I highly recommend checking it out.

Overall Score 4/5


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