Pattinson and Stewart Are Actually Good

Mention the names Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart and most people will immediately look to the Twilight series and start rolling their eyes. Fair enough. But the same people rolling their eyes are the same ones who won’t give their other starring vehicles a chance. Which is too bad, because they are probably the two most interesting actors working at the moment.

The choices of roles by both Pattinson and Stewart since their infamous sparkly vampire series would look as if they were doing their best to shed their Twilight notoriety if they were, in fact, bad actors. The fact they are indeed fascinating to watch makes their choices all the greater.

I’ve decided to pick a few films, post-Twilight, starring both Pattinson and Stewart, you should check out. Ones that show that both are more than deserving of your adoration.

Robert Pattinson


Taking place over the course of a single day, Cosmopolis is a puzzling movie. Existing in some bizarre universe where anarchy reigns and everyone speaks with an esoteric tongue. David Cronenberg’s demented film takes place almost entirely in a single location (the backseat of a limousine). As a billionaire, Pattinson travels through a city as the world is falling apart. Pattinson is strong as the young man who runs into many poor souls who are looking for anything to save them in the archaic demise of humanity.

The Rover

Filmed in the Australian desert, this post-apocalyptic thriller stars Guy Pearce. A man who is after a group of thieves who took something of value from him. He kidnaps one of the thieves brothers (Pattinson) and they pursue the bandits across the unforgiving terrain. Fans of the brutal and misanthropic western Proposition (also starring Pearce) will love this.

Good Time

One of the best midnight madness films to come out in recent years. The Safdie Brothers’ follow up to their mesmerizing debut Heaven Knows What is a pulsating thriller that dives head first into some of New York’s streets that are better left ignored. Pattinson plays a petty thief that gets his brother, who is mentally challenged, into some serious trouble. To get him out of prison, he decides to do anything to get the money to post his bond. Pattinson is absolutely incredible here. This is one wild ride.

Kristen Stewart

Clouds of Sils Maria

Stewart’s first film with French auteur Olivier Assayas is a mysterious journey into what it means to give yourself to a role. The film stars French legend, Juliette Binoche. She’s returning to a role that made her famous 20 years earlier. Stewart is fantastic as her American assistant. The film moves a little slow, but there’s something about the way Assayas gauges his story. His story is steeped in mystique. It’s really hard to gather what’s happening. But that’s what makes his film so watchable.

American Ultra

This film, about a burnout pothead (Jesse Eisenberg) who turns out to be a deadly secret agent, is a fine Hollywood affair. He and his girlfriend (Stewart), must fight for their lives when their identity is compromised. This is going to sound daft, but this is the film where Stewart first blew me away. The film is ok, but Stewart finds a depth to her character that I never expected. And she nails it.

Personal Shopper

My favorite of the Stewart films being highlighted here. Stewart’s second film with Assayas sees her as a personal shopper for a famous French socialite who tries to communicate with her dead twin brother. This plays out mostly as arthouse cinema but viewer beware: Personal Shopper contains some good, creepy moments that made me jump. I cannot recommend this film enough.


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