Phantom of the Paradise – Brian De Palma Series

He sold his soul for this podcast! Welcome listeners to week three of DePalma December on Back Lot 605! This week we are joined by longstanding friend of the show, and fellow South Dakota movie podcaster Andy Heller of Fat Dude Digs Flicks. Andy joins the Back Lot crew to discuss the 1974 Brian DePalma directed cult classic rock opera Phantom of the Paradise! Phantom of the Paradise is a 1974 horror musical featuring elements of the classic Faust and Phantom of the Opera tales. William Finley stars as Winslow, a talented albeit strange musical talent looking for his big break in the big city. Winslow soon finds out that major producer and performer Swan (Paul Williams) plans on using Winslow’s work for the opening of his rock opera extravaganza at the Paradise palace. Entering into a blood deal with Swan, the now ghastly looking Winslow sells his soul for rock and roll…and maybe even love.

The Shameless Plugs

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About the Author
Casey Kelderman found a love for film at a very early age. One of his earliest memories of watching movies was the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS. Casey graduated from The University of Sioux Falls in 2017. At USF Casey produced weekly movie reviews and hosted a radio show. He graduated with a degree in Media Studies. Skills he learned in college have allowed him to help create Back Lot 605. He has produced and directed 4 short films. His favorite films include Halloween, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Die Hard.
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