Ranking the DC Extended Universe

This week on the Back Lot 605 podcast we are joined by Marvin Salguero from Wednesday Comics. Wednesday Comics is a comic book podcast based in Sioux Falls, SD. With a resident comic book expert on the show The Schmuck Club will be ranking the entire DC Extended Universe in honor of the release of Shazam!

The Box Office

Shazam! pulls in over $50 in it’s opening weekend to take the number one spot at the box office. Pet Sematary opens with $25 million on a meager $21 million budget. Rounding off the top five is Captain Marvel, who has earned over $1 billion globally.

The News

Vin Diesel teases on his social media that he will be involved with James Cameron’s Avatar sequels. Kumail Nanjiani will star in Any Person, Living or Dead. Described as a scientist who builds a time machine to bring back historical figures to solve the world’s problems. Nanjiani is also in talks to join Angelina Jolie in Marvel Studios The Eternals film.

The first trailer for the Todd Phillips directed Joker has been released. The Joaquin Phoenix lead film showcases Batman’s greatest foe like we have never seen him before. In further DC news, James Gunn confirms that The Suicide Squad is neither a reboot or sequel to the original film. Idris Elba will play a new character with Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and Margot Robbie all in talks to return.

Ranking the DC Extended Universe

Casey and Brian breakdown the Back Lot 605 ranking of the 7 DCEU films. Marvin joins the duo to discuss the best, and worst, films in the DC universe. Could Man of Steel break the groups top five? Which film will take that coveted number one spot?

How would you rank the DC Extended Universe films? Let us know in the comments below!

The Shameless Plugs

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