Ranking the Star Wars Saga

Welcome to the premiere South Dakota movie podcast! Each episode we discuss the box office and biggest news stories from the week! In honor of Star Wars Celebration we take a look at a week full of Star Wars news as well as ranking the entire Star Wars saga!

The Box Office

Shazam! reigns supreme in it’ second weekend out raking in $25 million. The Regina Hall lead comedy Little comes in at number two with over $15 million. The remake of Hellboy disappointing with a $12 million opening.

The News

Disney+ has announced that it’s services will start at $6.99 a month for subscribers. One of the first new series coming to Disney+ is Star Wars The Mandalorian. During celebration the first official images of Carl Weathers and Gina Carano in the new series.

Another Disney+ series set in the Star Wars galaxy has been announced with returning cast members. Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk will be returning as Cassian Andor or K-2SO in a Cassian series.

Finally, the big reveal from Star Wars Celebration was the release of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer. The trailer includes our first look at the returning Billy Dee Williams as the most suave man in the galaxy, Lando Calrissian. The trailer also revealed the return of Emperor Palpatine to the Star Wars saga.

Ranking the Star Wars Saga

This week the Schmuck Club breaks down one of the greatest franchises in all of cinema, Star Wars. Are the boys prequel haters or apologists? Is Rogue One secretly the best of the series? Listen to find out what the crew thinks of every Star Wars film to date!

The Shameless Plugs

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About the Author
Casey Kelderman found a love for film at a very early age. One of his earliest memories of watching movies was the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS. Casey graduated from The University of Sioux Falls in 2017. At USF Casey produced weekly movie reviews and hosted a radio show. He graduated with a degree in Media Studies. Skills he learned in college have allowed him to help create Back Lot 605. He has produced and directed 4 short films. His favorite films include Halloween, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Die Hard.
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