Happy Death Day 2 U Review

Happy Death Day 2 U is the sequel to 2017 breakout horror film Happy Death Day. The follow-up is again directed by Christopher Landon (Scouts

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Miss Bala Review

Miss Bala Synopsis Gloria Fuentes (Gina Rodriguez) is an underling makeup artist in Hollywood. Having grown up on both sides of the border, Gloria travels

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Velvet Buzzsaw Review

Velvet Buzzsaw reunites writer/director Dan Gilroy with the on screen duo of Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo. The trio had previously worked on Gilroy’s directorial

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The Upside Review

The Upside Synopsis The Upside is the story of a down on his luck ex-con Dell (Kevin Hart) is trying to reconnect with his ex

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Benchwarmers 2 Review

Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls is a 2019 direct-to-video sequel to the 2006 comedy, The Benchwarmers. The original film is backed by the comedic talents of

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Polar (Netflix) Review

Polar Synopsis Netflix’s Polar follows Duncan Vizla (Mads Mikkelsen), the best hitman in the world who works for a company called Damocles. Throughout the film,

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Burning Review

Burning Synopsis Burning is a 2018 South Korean mystery/thriller directed by Chang-dong Lee. The film is based on the short story “Barn Burning” from author

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Glass Review

Glass Synopsis Glass is the latest film from M Night Shyamalan.  The third in the Eastrail 177 Trilogy.  This film brings together two of his

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