Stripes – Ivan Reitman Series

In week number three of our Ivan Reitman series we take a look at an early collaboration between Reitman and the duo of Bill Murray and Harold Ramis with 1981’s Stripes! Last year we covered Murray and Reitman’s Meatballs in our Summer Camp series, with this being the next bridge in the career of the big screen team. We are joined by fellow South Dakotan and artist and illustrator Bill DeGeest to discuss the army comedy classic! You can follow Bill online at and Instagram and Twitter!

Stripes is a 1981 comedy from director Ivan Reitman, starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy, Warren Oates, PJ Soles, and Sean Young. The film follows hapless burnouts John (Murray) and Russell (Ramis) who enlist in the United States Army with the sole purpose being that they have no other purpose. The two make enemies of Sergeant Hulka (Oates) and form budding relationships with MP’s Stella and Louise (Soles and Young). After completing basic training the duo are sent overseas and find themselves on the bring of military conflict.

The Shameless Plugs

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Casey Kelderman found a love for film at a very early age. One of his earliest memories of watching movies was the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS. Casey graduated from The University of Sioux Falls in 2017. At USF Casey produced weekly movie reviews and hosted a radio show. He graduated with a degree in Media Studies. Skills he learned in college have allowed him to help create Back Lot 605. He has produced and directed 4 short films. His favorite films include Halloween, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Die Hard.

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