Why Do I Watch Bad Movies?

I have seen some bad movies in my life. And I’ve shared my thoughts about these films to friends. A handful of these include (The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Movie 43, A Haunted House 1-2, Troll 2, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Robot Monster, countless horror sequels) and many more. Many friends have asked me, “Why do you waste your time watching this garbage?” This is something that I’ve even had trouble explaining in the past. Now I’m going to give a few reasons for this painful problem.

So Bad It’s Good

Every now and then there comes that rare gem that transcends it’s terrible nature it becomes an enjoyable experience. Troll 2 is by no means a good film by your standard set of rules. It is by all means one of the best bad movies. When you start to peel away the layers you find a film that no, it’s not a good horror film, but holy shit is this one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. There is entertainment value in some of these stories. All you need to do is re-calibrate your expectations.

The Internet Made Me Do It

When you slog through comments sections of IMDb.com’s Bottom 100 film list you read other people talk about the film and it piques your interest. In 2003 The Room hit the Internet like an atomic bomb of pop cultural insanity. What should’ve been relegated to the shelves of random movie rental stores to collect dust became legend. All of this thanks to people talking about it. Does it mean The Room deserves the attention? That’s up for debate, but Tommy Wiseau doesn’t seem to care at this point.

Finding Films That You’ll Actually Like

More often than not a bad movie is a bad movie, but there comes those few occasions when you can like an alleged bad film. Halloween III: Season of the Witch is considered by most to be not just a terrible sequel, but a terrible film all around. The day finally came where I rented the video and thought it was terrific. You can be angry about the fact that it has nothing to do with Michael Myers, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s entertaining. When Roger Ebert reviewed the remake of Death Race he called it, “an assault on all senses, including common.” and gave it one star. In spite of this I knew I had to watch it and see for myself. And I genuinely enjoy Death Race. So much so that I own it on Blu-ray. Talking about these two films leads me to my final point.

Deciding For Myself What is Bad

Like everything else in life I need to experience something to form my own opinion. Whether it’s riding roller coasters, eating different food, or watching a movie I will give a lot of different things at least one shot. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. And someday I may talk about films I’ll never watch and why I’ll never watch them. For now this is my explanation for the garbage films I’ve consumed in my life.

So what are your thoughts on bad movies? Do you watch films knowing they’re bad or hope to find good films that have been mis-labeled as bad?

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Raised on grocery store and gas station VHS rentals in small town SD I figured it was either become a writer or join the circus. On a side note I got rejected from Clown College. I live by the golden rule: Be Kind Rewind.
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